PRC & Net Transportation


The Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Program is designed to provide short term non-reoccurring benefits and services to eligible families.


You or a family member might be eligible for select services if you meet income guidelines and:

  • Have a minor child(ren) in your household
  • Are a non-custodial parent of a minor child
  • Are a pregnant individual

Available Services:

Some of the services available through PRC include:

  • Rent assistance with court-filed eviction notice
  • Utility shut offs
  • Home Repairs
  • Pest Eradication
  • Training Expenses (Tuition, Books, Etc.)
  • Required Work Clothes and Tools
  • Work transportation
  • Car repairs for working individuals
  • Education Bonuses
  • Employment Incentives
  • Youth Services
  • Kinship Services & Kinship Childcare


Each category has its own requirements and limits.  Please contact us for further details on these or other services available, how to apply, and what verifications we will need to determine eligibility.  419-562-8066 or


NET (Non-Emergency Transportation) helps Medicaid recipients with the cost of traveling to their Medicaid approved doctor appointments.  There are 2 ways NET Transportation services are provided:

  • Gas Voucher (Reimbursement basis only)
  • Contracted Transportation Provider

Gas Voucher:

To request a NET Gas Voucher, you must complete our Gas Voucher Request Form.  This form can be picked up our OhioMeansJobs – Crawford County front desk or it can be mailed to you. We will also need verification from your healthcare provider that you did attend your Medicaid-covered appointment before a gas voucher will be issued to you.  This must be signed by the doctor, nurse, or receptionist of your healthcare provider.

  The 1st time you request NET gas vouchers we will also need:

  1. A release of information
  2. Valid driver’s license of person driving to appointment
  3. Proof of car insurance for the vehicle used

Please plan ahead when scheduling appointments and allow up to ten (10) days for your gas voucher to be issued from the day we receive the above documents.  You can either pick up your gas vouchers at the OhioMeansJobs front desk or they can be mailed to you upon request.  Gas vouchers will not be issued for appointments that are more than 30 days old, so please complete and return you Gas Voucher Request Forms timely.

Contracted Transportation Provider:

If you have no way to get to your Medicaid covered appointment, we can arrange transportation for you through one of our contracted transportation providers. 

Keep in mind that your healthcare company such as Molina, CareSource, United, and Buckeye can also transport you (over 30 miles from your home) to any healthcare appointments you may have.  You may choose to either use these services or NET or a combination of both.

To schedule a ride, please call us at 419-562-8066.  You will be transferred to our Transportation Request Line, where you will be asked to leave a message.  Please speak slowly and clearly and provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Address & Phone Number
  • Details of your appointment (Location Address, Date, Time)
  • If you need wheelchair access
  • If you will be bringing someone to assist you


Any questions, please call 419-562-8066