Child Support


Paternity must be established prior to establishing a child / medical support order. Click here for an application for services.

Child / Medical Support Order Establishment

Child support and medical support can be established through the child support agency or through the Court. Child support amounts are based on statewide guidelines.

Order Enforcement

Child / medical support orders are enforced in multiple ways:

Income Withholding

Suspension of Drivers’, Professional, or
Recreational Licenses

Seek Work Orders

Seizure of Assets or Bank Accounts

Intercept of Ohio Lottery, Racino, or Casino Winnings

Credit Reporting

Liens Against Property

Interception of Tax Refunds

Civil and Criminal Non-Support Actions

Review and Adjustment

The CSEA can review your order if it has been more than 36 months since the order was established or changed.  The CSEA can review your order sooner than 36 months if certain circumstances are met.


Please do not make payments directly to the other parent. Direct payments are a gift under Ohio law.

By Mail
Remittance must have the payor’s name and 2 of these 3 additional pieces of information: SETS Case Number, Order Number, and/or Social Security Number.  Payors may pay by mail by sending a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order to:

Individual Payment:
Ohio CSPC, PO Box 182372,
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2372

Employer Payments:
Ohio CSPC, PO Box 182394,
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2394

Payment by Credit, Web Portal, or Debit Card
(please allow 7 days to post):
(fees may apply)

Payment by MoneyGram:

Payment at the Child Support Agency:
Payments by check or money order can be made at the CSEA.

Employment Opportunity

If you are unable to pay your support obligation due to unemployment, please contact us. We can help you find work.

Child Support Customer Service Web Portal

You can get information about your child support case and payments 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by logging into the Customer Service Web Portal.