Adoptable Children


Jesse is a quirky and imaginative 12-year old boy. He is a huge jokester and likes playing tricks on others—all in innocent fun! He has a kind heart and is compassionate towards others. He loves singing, drawing, and creating his very own comic books. He also enjoys playing video games and having Nerf gun wars to fight off the evil zombies in his foster home. 


John is a happy, active, and curious 7-year old boy. He possesses a remarkably handsome smile and his laugh is contagious. He has a loving, friendly, and affectionate personality. John’s favorite activities include blowing bubbles, playing board games, coloring, and completing puzzles. He loves superheroes, and his favorite is Spiderman! He is also fond of the outdoors and exploring his surroundings. John is also a great helper and is always eager to assist others. 


Kiara is a spunky and energetic 13-year old child. Her favorite activities include riding her bike, playing on her tablet, and taking photos with her digital camera. She is pleasant to be around and eager to connect with others. Kiara enjoys helping around the home, especially when this includes one-on-one time with her caregivers or other adults.


Lilly is an adventurous 10-year old girl. She is quite the social butterfly and enjoys making new friends. She loves spending time outside, playing with her Shopkins dolls and stuffed animals, and going on adventures. She also enjoys trying new activities and learning new skills. She recently learned how to do flips on a water trampoline and is super proud of her new talent!


Martina is a spirited 16-year-old girl who loves music.  She enjoys listening to music, dancing around and making up her own songs/raps.  Martina enjoys helping people out and likes to encourage others to be positive.  She loves horses and would love to work with them in the future.  Martina likes doing arts, crafts, painting her nails and dying her hair.  Martina would love to find her forever family that she can enjoy life with.


Selena is an outgoing and energetic 8-year old girl. She is very affectionate and enjoys giving hugs to her caregivers and other important people in her life. She is a kind, lovable, and active child and has a vibrant imagination that is both humorous and entertaining. Selena enjoys swimming, coloring, and spending time outdoors.